2019 Seasonal Gathering

Ticketing Information


Non-Members: Arrive any time Friday 14 June. Depart Sunday afternoon.

Members: Arrive any time from Thursday 13 June. Depart any time Sunday afternoon.

Extended durations are possible by arrangement.

N.B: Full Moon - 17 Jun 6:30 pm


Ticket investment

Day Pass - Yes. $15 per person per day, 8am to 8pm (or part thereof).
Ticket price covers site fees only. BYO everything.

Three+ day pass - bunking - $50 per head. $45 Concession.
Three+ day pass - camping - $30 per head. $25 Concession.
Four day members pass - bunking - $40 CAW Member.
Four day members pass - camping - $20 CAW Member.
Ticket price covers site fees only. BYO everything.



Payment in full by 31 May 2019 or onsite by arrangement (contact Secretary or Treasurer).


Registration and Payment

Tickets can be purchased by completing and returning this PDF Registration Form or this DOC Registration Form.



CAW member discount applies only to financial members of the Church of All Worlds Australia Inc..

Concessions apply to:
Government concession card holders
Full time students
Elders and Olders (over 60 years)
Children under 10



All refunds will incur a $20 processing fee
No refunds after 31 May 2019

Partial or full refunds on compassionate grounds may be available at any time on recommendation of the C.A.W. Clergy Council.


Pricing considerations

The Seasonal Gathering is the main fundraising event of the Church of All Worlds Australia Inc. Each year we estimate our costs and attempt to set pricing so that we make a small profit.

Ticket pricing makes up the majority of this, however we may also run a small raffle.


Information for attendees

What to bring

The Weather

Updated 10/03/19