2019 Seasonal Gathering

Information for attendees

Site location

Our secretary will contact registered attendees with all the details before the event.


What is supplied?

A creek, a top location, and some pretty awesome company. A bunk bed (without bedding) and a roof, or a campsite for your tent or van.

A number of workshops where you can learn about or revisit some topics we think you might find interesting.

An opportunity to interact with people of like minds.

Toilets, showers (heat your own), a swimming hole. - Assistance with showers on request.

A sense of the spiritual, and a sense of fun.



This event is not catered for. BYO everything.

It is hoped we will all come together for meals and meal preparation as this helps to provide a communual (tribal) connection between people. It also helps the person that forgot to bring the sauce, spatula, spare gas and tea towel to do what they need to do to be comfortable.

There are wood fired BBQ locations in several spots but no wood is supplied, it may be a good idea to bring a gas burner and kettle if you love your coffee/tea/etc. While it is highly likely people will be willing to share, it's never a good idea to either rely on this nor to expect it.

Some shops and eateries are available in the local area, but not on site.



No illicit drug use

No drinking of alcohol before attending rituals

Be respectful of other park users

Clean up after yourself - leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but memories

Ask people before taking their photograph and before sharing them on social media

No skyclad, etc. (does it really need to be said?)

Smokers, please be aware of your cloud. Avoid eating areas, buildings, social areas. Take your butt with you.

Anyone not following these simple rules may be asked to leave



Please restrict mobile device usage to a bare minimum

Please restrict torch/ flashlight/ flash usage to a bare minimum/ minimum brightness. Respect other peoples 'night eyes' and sensitivity to light by cupping your torch in your hand and shining a sliver of light where you are walking. Photographic flashes are often painful, restrict photographs to daytime.

Get involved. Plan to attend everything, eat communally, ask questions.


What to bring

Water. Potable water WILL NOT be available on site. We suggest bringing 2 litres per person, per 24 hour period

Wood. If you want a hot shower, a fire to cook with or entertain around

Food and cooking implements - gas cooker, kettle, pot, frypan, tongs, spatula, wooden spoon, cleaver, tea pot, cheese fork, etc. (or maybe a raw food diet for the weekend?)

Eating irons and food frisbees

Tea towel and dishwashing goodies (if you're a pot burner, bring a scourer)

A chair

Beverages - we all have our favourites, tea, coffee, absinthe (or other alcohol - in moderation).

Esky with coldnesses - ice is available if you're happy to drive 10-15 mins to the pub.

Bedding (bunks are available, but they're bare, pillows are often forgotten but a rolled up towel or stuffed shirt are fair substitutes)

Tentage, R.V., 50ft Winnebago (optional) - don't forget the hammer this time!

Toiletries/ Towel (shower thongs?)

Swimming gear - there are several freshwater swimming holes

Clothing - it's likely to be warm, but not guaranteed. The gorge is often a little cooler than surrounding areas. We recommend brightly coloured clothes and hopefully something a bit pagan. We'd also suggest at least one pair of covered shoes suitable for hiking. Check the weather here

Ritual garb. If not a robe of some sort, wear something bright, earthy, festive, or formal. Odds are we will be doing something elemental!

Musical devices, lyrics, poetry, dancing shoes, and associated bardic or performance tools (for Bardic Circle and any other time we can use them)

A few extra dollars - just in case; for raffles; as an emergency bartering tool; for items being sold (if any); for forgotten items/ ice; or to buy indulgences from our ordained Clergy (one of whom currently has his tongue in his cheek) ;)

A donation item (optional - just in case we have a raffle)

Sunscreen (though it is quite shady)

Clothes line & pegs (if needed, please make sure the height in the middle is over 6ft)

Insect repellant (just in case)


What we prefer you'd leave behind

Your mobile devices, chargers, and other digital paraphernalia

Your super-bright torch (plan ahead with a battery operated candle)

Bad attitudes, gossip, and negative vibes


Other stuff

It's a gorge, there might not be mobile coverage without going for a drive

There is no electricity, no potable water, no firewood, no food, no ice on site


Updated 10/03/19