2019 Seasonal Gathering

This is an example of our last gathering...

The Schedule (as it stands)

Finalisation of the program will not occur until Friday evening (the “Who wants to do a workshop" workshop), and even then, minor changes may occur.
There are no physical workshop facilities this year, everything is outside.


Saturday 17 Nov 2018

4.48am Sunrise

7 am | Breakfast (self-cater)

9 am | CAW Clergy - Ritual and its purpose - A guided discussion about what rituals we have in our daily lives, what spiritual rituals consist of, and the purpose they fulfil.

10.30 am | Everyone - Ritual Workshop - Here we will create our ritual to celebrate spring. From the ground up we will construct a ritual from scratch using the wants and needs of everyone in attendance.

12.30pm Lunch (self-cater)

2 pm | Q&A - The Oracle - Ask any question you like of 'The Oracle' and receive a response (of some sort). Responses may be sensible, silly or provided in binary code. Caution: Oracular advice may be hazardous to your health if followed ...
or ... Vacant - Put your workshop here!

3 pm | Ritual Preparation - time to cleanse and get dressed up!

4 pm | The Ritual - from previous workshops

5.30pm Dinner (self-cater)

6.21pm Sunset

8.00pm | Bardic circle (bring a song, sea-shanty or similar)


Sunday 18 Nov 2018

4.48am Sunrise

7 am Breakfast (self-cater)

9 am | CAW Clergy - Thankfulness - A guided discussion about awareness, thankfulness, and the joys of life.

10 am | Vacant - Put your workshop here!

11 am | Top hat discussions – everyone who wishes to propose a topic of discussion may write it on a piece of paper and place it in a hat. One item at a time to be drawn from the hat for open discussion.

12.30pm Lunch (self-cater)

2 pm | Vacant - Put your workshop here!

3 pm | NMC - Event debrief - Guided discussion about our seasonal gathering, the good, the bad, and the improvements we can make.

4 pm | Closing Ritual

5.30pm Dinner (self-cater)

6.22pm Sunset

8pm | Bardic Circle - Story telling/ open mike (without the mike)


Updated 23/09/18