2019 Seasonal Gathering

Call for Presenters


We need you to make the Seasonal Gathering memorable.

We are looking for a myriad of workshops with most times slots available to choose from.

Presentations should be between 45 minutes and 1 hour 45 minutes in duration.

If you would like to book a timeslot please email the secretary before the event with a brief bio and workshop outline - or come along and we'll make room if we can. The first programmed workshop will be used to allocate times for each vacant session and do any necessary juggling of timeslots.

Please Note: There are no workshop facilities at this site. All workshops are outdoors.


Entertainers & Performers

Are you a roving minstrel, street performer or balloon artist? Are you a budding performer with untested skills and questionable talent? Either way, we'd be happy to see you!

We have time put aside each night for Bardic Circle - which is a bit like an open mike night - bring your (non-electric) instruments and your prose and step up. The show will go on with or without you, but it might be better if you join in!


Updated 10/03/19